The Basics Of Survival In DayZ

The Basics Of Survival In DayZ

DayZ the popular zombie survival mod based off of ArmA II engine. Is a very intricate game and can be tricky at first to get the “swing” of things going. This guide is to help you understand The Basics Of Survival in DayZ to help you Stay Alive! Granted, that is the whole point of the game anyways right?

The Basics Of Survival In DayZ

Guns, vital to survival yet very dangerous in DayZ, be careful.

The Basics Of Survival In DayZ


Guns are very dangerous! Friendly fire is always On! Only point and shoot at targets you plan on killing, much like you would do in real life (that is if a zombie apocalypse happened of coarse.)


The best part about this game, is that you only have ONE life, much like you do now sitting on your computer reading this. You must be careful in the world of DayZ. There are no second chances. And when you die, you start completely over. Keep that always in the back of your head while adventuring.

How do you know when your dying?

DayZ happens to use a numeric HP (hit point) system based on Blood Pressure. On a scale of 12,000 BP full health, to 0 BP, dead.  You can lose BP by being attacked, hit, or bleeding. Not only does your BP determine how close to death you are, but it also implements how well you can aim (pain) and loss of consciousness or fainting.  You will notice that the more damaged you are the darker the game gets, you start to lose color in your vision.

How to keep up your BP?

First off if you are bleeding, you must bandage that up first. You can bleed from damage taken by zombies and enemy players or bandits. After you are bandaged and good to go there are a few things you can do to get your BP back up to 12,000

-Eat food you get 200 for the can of beans/sardines. And 800 BP from cooked meat!

-Get a Blood Transfusion! To do this you must have a blood bag and a friendly player to administer this on you. This will bring you to Full BP per transfusion!

While taken damage and losing BP you can have these effects happen to you:

  • Bleeding: If there’s a plus sign in your BP indicator (or you see blood shooting out of  you in 3rd person view), you should bandage up.
  • Unconsciousness: A timer appears in the middle of your screen and you cannot act until it finishes.
  • Shock: Caused by taking significant damage or gunshot wounds. Lasts 5 minutes and is incurable, this can be very dangerous depending on where you are.
  • Broken bones: This really, really hurts. You can’t stand or walk. Take a morphine injection.
  • Pain: Shaky aim in 1st-person. Take the painkillers, Bingo.

Your Bodily Needs:

Because DayZ is a surviving simulator game you do need to eat and drink to stay alive. Running long distances, will make you thirsty. Getting panicked from being attacked will increase your hunger. Here are some things you can eat and drink in the world of Dayz:

  • Canned foods: You find these in many farms/city buildings as well as most dead survivors ;)
  • Canned drinks: Same.
  • Canteen water: Refill this at a well, water pump, or pond. You can’t fill this up in the ocean (do you really want to drink sea water? yuk.)
  • Animal Game: You can cook raw meat if you have a hunting knife, wood, and matches. Look for cows, boars, goats, bunnies, or any other animal you can kill to eat. They are delicious I assure you. Please be careful shooting them, be sure there are no zombies or other players around to hear you!!!

Eating and drinking is as easy as right clicking the desired item in your inventory and then clicking “eat/drink” item.

The Basics Of Survival In DayZ

Beans, beans the magical fruit!


The humanity system in DayZ is very easy to learn. Humanity is meant to show you the level of trustworthiness, much like you can detect people in today’s world of such. If you go around killing survivors, your humanity will drop. The humanity GUI indicator will change between different faces, those being Happy, Indifferent and Mean Faces.  Thankfully if you got some blood on your hands you can redeem yourself by not murdering survivors, and by using first-aid on other players. Time will heal your wounds, and we all could use that at times.

Keep in mind the Humanity system in Dayz has a built in provision protecting you if you happen to get attacked. Calling upon self defense after being hit will not make you lose Humanity for attacking that player within a 2 minute time frame. If you choose to attack bandits, you will not lose as much humanity because of their nature.

Server Bound:

In Dayz the server you play on doesn’t change your location or where you are at health/humanity/gear wise. Tents and vehicles are server bound.

The Temperature, and Sickness:

You can in Dayz catch an infection that will slowly reduce your maximum BP by 10,000 unless you happen to find antibiotics.

  • Hypothermia is a very common way to catch diseases. The chances of catching hypothermia increase every degree under 31.2° C.
  • If your bodily temp drops below 34.2° C, you are able to catch sickness from other infected players, the more survivors around you the higher your chances are. 8 meters is the distance at which you can pick something up from another player.
  • Injuries that cause bleeding have a small chance of becoming infected.

Hypothermia can become quite severe over time, you vision will star to shake, making it hard to do simple tasks or defend yourself if the time comes to do. Avoiding hypothermia can be easy, just try to avoid rain and water. To raise your bodily temperature, heat your self with a fire, or heat pack (you know those things you find everywhere when looting). Keep in mind you will need matches to start your fire.

To know when you are sick/have infection your character will emote coughing sounds periodically. The only way to cure infection is by using antibiotics, which you can find in hospitals or other friendly survivors/teammates.

The Basics Of Survival In DayZ

Fire good, keep you warm, unga-bunga



When under attack, you will start to hyperventilate. Within this rush of adrenaline your character will become more hungry faster.

When it comes to when you should eat or drink I like to wait until they start to blink or are in the Red zone. You don’t want to wait too long because you could start feeling the effects of starvation and dehydration, which are not good.

Hopefully these tips to The Basics Of Survival In DayZ helped you out, remember have fun and, Stay Alive!