Survivor and Bandit Tips for Beginners

Survivor and Bandit Tips for Beginners

You’re alone on the coast. You have no sense of direction, and you don’t know where you are. You may or may not know the geography of Chernarus. Yes, it tells you where you spawn, but sometimes it’s not always a city. Lets go over a few important Survivor and Bandit Tips for Beginners.

Map Skills

First establish direction. The clouds in Chernarus always flow east. No need for a compass unless its foggy or night time. If you ever get lost always remember that. Now that we’ve established your direction, you have to locate yourself.

The best map I’ve found, & if there is better, please suggest it, is -

Or if it confuses you, you can use a simple map:

Survivor and Bandit Tips for Beginners

Use landmarks, the roads, and railroads to find out where you are. If the clouds are flowing towards the coast, you know you are located on the East Side of Chernarus. If the clouds are going down the coast, you know you are located somewhere South of Chernarus. Now that you know which side, look around for islands, towers, etc to establish where you are.

Now that you know where you are, you need to start getting some supplies. You’ll hear a lot about ‘Cherno’ Chernogorsk & ‘Elektro’ Elektrozadodsk. Trust me, you’ll visit these places eventually. These are the two main cities on Chernarus. They have the most common loot, the most zombie & human traffic, and are very dangerous.

Once you start progressing in the game, you can find items such as maps, compasses, watches, GPS’s etc. These will help you navigate to your destination, but items like the GPS are rare.

Looting & Zombies

There are plenty of other towns along the coast where you will spawn, you can find out more information about them in the DayZ Wiki link I’ll leave below.

Now you finally located a town or city and now you want to find food & water, weapons & equipment. However, as you walk up to a building you notice you cannot open it, that’s right not every building is accessible. Here are some of the popular buildings you can collect from :

Survivor and Bandit Tips for Beginners

Survivor and Bandit Tips for Beginners

Survivor and Bandit Tips for Beginners

I got all the pictures from the DayZ Wiki.

By now you should have encountered a zombie or two. You are probably running for you life, and thankfully, the zombies can never catch you if you continue running. However you can’t just run around the map with zombies chasing you. There are different ways to avoid them, and lose them. Well, first off if you have a weapon, and the situation is appropriate, you can shoot them. Try for head shots to conserve ammo. You can also run into a building, wait for them to come in, and leave the building safely. Zombies can’t run inside!

To avoid them pay attention to your visibility and noise levels -

Survivor and Bandit Tips for Beginners

Your blood (Health) and zombie kill count, including player kill count will also be showed on your HUD.

Your Hunger, thirst and your temperature is displayed.

Zombies are a fair threat. Once you learn how to avoid them & hide from them with more experience your greater threat will be other players.

Now back to looting, be sure to not attract any attention towards yourself and only take what you need at the time, or later down the road. If it is daytime, it’s a much smart decision taking an extra can of soda then road flares. Learn to conserve your space. When you leave either the big cities, or the little towns and go into the wilderness, you don’t want to end up starving to death.

There are multiple Tiers of loot. For example, you won’t find a M16 in a Barn because a barn only spawns specific weapons, ammo and gear. Higher tier places such as Airport Hangars, Barracks and Fire stations like the last picture above will post Military Grade weapons.

You can separate loot into 4 categories.

Farm – Includes rifles, shotguns, shotgun ammo. Hunting knives, etc. Typical woodsy loot. Compound bows, arrows, axes.

Military – Night Vision Goggles, typical sniper rifles, GPS, G17′s upgrades backpacks.

Industrial – A lot of tools, including toolbox’s, wiring fences, hatchets, car parts such as wheels and gasoline.

Civilian – Medical supplies, lots of food and drinks, some shotguns & rifles. Pistols including Makarov, Revolver & M1911.

Running out of space in your backpack? Found another backpack, and want to know if it is better? Here is the hierarchy

Czech Vest Pouch – 6 Slots – Civilian Loot
Coyote Patrol Pack – 8 Slots (The Starter Backpack) – Civilian
Assault Pack – 12 Slots – Military
Czech Backpack – 16 Slots – Civilian
ALICE Backpack – 20 Slots – Civilian
Coyote Backpack – 24 Slots – Military

Misc. Tips

- Hold the ALT Key to look around
- Clouds always flow east
- You can turn M1911 Ammo into .45 ACP and vice versa by right clicking it
- When placing tents, and it doesn’t fit, hit Pitch Tent again and move back using the ‘S’ key, and repeat. It almost always pitches the tent
- The cross hair is slightly higher than where the bullet will hit.
- Swimming will take away your backpack and you might lose some inventory.
- Zombies can swim, climb ladders and go through doors.
- Running for a while will make you thirstier quicker.
- Zombies can’t run indoors.
- CTRL + M To bring up the GPS
- If you have a rangefinder, drop your binoculars to use it and hit ‘B’
- You can change your characters Race/Face in the Player Profile option in the Main Menu.
- You can throw cans to distract zombies, pick a can up and hit ‘F’ to cycle through firing options.


Hopefully these Survivor and Bandit Tips for Beginners have helped you out and given you new insight on the gameplay of DayZ! Happy hunting, Stay Alive!