Survival Guide: Dealing With Other Survivors

Survival Guide: Dealing With Other Survivors

In a survival game like DayZ where everyone can do anything they want it’s best for you to be careful. Do not let people see you if they are around. If you get spotted you could become a target.

The best thing to do is to send a message if anyone is around your location if you would rather work together than go lone wolf. If you don’t get a reply you should be cautious and have your weapon readied. This doesn’t mean shoot everyone you see in this case. It just means to be ready to do so if needed.

(You don’t want to end up in a situation like this. This is bad.)


Keep in mind if someone does answer your message, that does not mean that he/she is your friend. This can be quite the opposite, and or a trap. Most likely if people are in danger and have a horde of zombies chasing them they are more likely to answer you via chat or accept help.

Keep cautious and don’t salute or lower your weapon. You must think about your safety if this person is low on items/health/food/water whatever it is they might turn that against you and try to take your stuff. Remember trust no-one.

(Working in teams will get you far, but make sure they are players you can trust)

Let’s take a look at another scenario, the player who has been alive for several hours and has the best equipment in the game. Likely this player will have two options:

Another point of view : A survivor is now alive for about 15 game hours. He has the very best equipment you can get. He has 2 options :

  • They will continue to have fun at surviving but is EXTREMELY careful about enemy contact. He’ll be likely to shoot you since he’s scared to loose all his hard earned equipment.
  • He/She is getting bored of where they are at. This can lead to radical behavior i.e. pulling large hordes of zombies, shooting other players for the heck of it, creating other dangerous situations you don’t want to be in.

With these simple tips you should have a better understanding about the people you meet in DayZ. Until Next time, Stay Alive!