Dayz Guide: How to Set Up Your Graphics For DayZ

Dayz Guide: How to Set Up Your Graphics For DayZ

This guide will help you Set Up Your Graphics For DayZ  so you can change to improve your graphics card and FPS! Keep in mind that the server you play on can be the cause to your FPS troubles. I highly suggest you take the time to benchmark on several different servers (look for ones close to your location). Or benchmark in normal ArmA II in single player with lots of actions/gameplay. These alone should give you a starting point on how your computer can perform in DayZ because the mod is a little more computer heavy than normal ArmA II.

NOTE: Don’t be in game while setting up this, you can get killed while in menus, and that would be lame. If you must do this in game, be somewhere hidden and where you cannot be found/killed.

How to Set Up Your Graphics For DayZ

Ok first off, lets go to the Options/Video Settings and then press the Advanced button.

You should see this:

How to Set Up Your Graphics For DayZ

Lets go from the upper half of the dialog box.


This shows your maximum viewing distance in the game. This can GREATLY effect your FPS if it set too high.

This is the brightness of colors, this rarely needs to be adjusted. If you increase this at night time you can see better (pro tip :D )

This affects overall lightning and contrast. Increasing this during nighttime will greatly enhance your vision but will cause your colors to almost go away completely.

Quality Preference
This is just a collection of presets for the settings in the lower half.

Interface Resolution
This is your actual screen resolution. This should match your desktop resolution.

3D Resolution
This one is a bit touchy. If you want to keep it simple, keep it the same as your resolution.

What this does is controlling at what resolution the ingame 3D world will be rendered at. If you set it to a lower resolution than your interface, you will see a performance increase at the cost of visual clarity, your image will be slightly blurred. If you set this to higher than your interface resolution you will get a “Antialiasing” effect causing edges to be smoother. This is actually less of a performance hit than increasing Antialiasing in ARMA II.

Now lets look at the lower half:

Texture Detail
This determines how textures will look. Textures are used everywhere, on characters, houses, weapons etc. This can be set high without a performance loss.

Video Memory
I havn’t been able to find much reliable information, but as to what I have learned is that this controls how much Video RAM arma will use and Very High seems to cap at 512mb, so if you have a graphics card that’s not too old you should see a performance increase if you set this to very high.

Anisotropic Filtering
This controls how textures and terrain are rendered at a distance. If you have this setting on low, textures will seem diffused at a distance. Depending on your card this might not cause a performance impact at all, most people can set this to high or very high.

This setting, in my opinion, should always be turned off. What it does, simply put, is that it multiplies your image to smooth out edges and that causes a great performance hit. You can achieve the same effect by turning this off, increasing your resolution and possibly increasing your 3D resolution. (I prefer interface and 3D on the same)

Terrain Detail
This controls how detailed terrain will be, meaning how trees will be rendered. This can impact performance greatly combined with a high Visiblity setting

Objects Detail
This is how detailed weapons and people, some house details will be. This can in most cases be set fairly high without a FPS drop.

Shadow Detail
This controls if shadows will be a black blob or an actual shadow of a person/object. This takes quite alot of power from your gfx. A normal or low setting will help you alot if you have FPS issues.

HDR Quality
This is affecting lightning quality and bloom effects. Setting this to high will give you better lightning effects but can cause a FPS drop. HDR on high can greatly enhance your visibilty during nighttime.

Postprocess effects
This is mostly annoying, this is the setting causing the world to “blur” when you run and move. I recommend setting this to Disabled.

Interface Size
This controls the size of menus and icons on your HUD.

Aspect Ration
This controls your aspect ratio, or in other words, your viewable angle space. Most monitors have 16:9 or 16:10.

This causes your FPS to match your refresh rate on your monitor. Disabling this will probably increase your FPS if it is constantly at 60. (Most screens have a refresh rate of 60hz)

Balancing between CPU and GPU
Any setting lower than high will use your CPU instead of GPU (graphicscard) and this can be very useful if you don’t have a powerful GPU. Sometimes, setting values to high can actually improve fps since a GPU is alot faster on some types of calculations compared to a CPU.

Advanced Settings
I just found this out and it can GREATLY increase your FPS. It doubled for me, I was at a steady 30+ before while now I get a steady 60+.
Go to your documents folder, in there you find an Arma 2 folder (you can also go via start -> run and then type “%userprofile%\Documents\ARMA 2\” without quotes in windows 7 or vista). In that folder are Arma2.cfg and Arma2oa.cfg, edit those files and change the 2 corresponding lines to this:


A Note on servers and performance
Servers can affect your clients FPS so if you still have poor FPS after tweaking, try changing server and find one with good performance. The easiest way is to hop on to one with low population, say 10-20, no more. Or if you know of a good server that can handle the load with max players without issues, there aren’t too many of those around though.

To sum it up:

Turn off Antialiasing, Vsync and Postprocess

Shadow detail can cause a quite large FPS drop

The other settings don’t impact that much on FPS and can often be set quite high.

Hopefully this guide helped you  Set Up Your Graphics For DayZ! Happy surviving, and I hope this helps you Stay Alive!