Guide: Basic PvP For The New Player!

Guide: Basic PvP For The New Player!

In DayZ there will be player vs player (or PvP) engagements. That’s the nature of the game. It’s a kill or be killed and if you aren’t prepared or have a group you will probably be killed and looted. Here are some basic PvP tips that will help both survivors and bandits.

1- First things first, get over the fear and frustration of dying. You will die. You will lose you gear. You will spend god knows how long gathering supplies, avoiding zombies, and getting your perfect zombie apocalypse equipment just to be shot by someone over a can of soda. Yes it sucks, and it can make you feel like you want to punch someone or something in the face. But that’s what DayZ is all about. The sooner you accept that PvP is part of this experience, the sooner you can function as a survivor or bandit. And maybe even enjoy it ;)

Going prone is smart, especially when your sitting in an open area.


2- Be aware of your surroundings. Keep the phrase “Im always in the cross hairs” in your mind and it will help you move and be more cautious of where you are location wise. For instance, where are you going? Where is the nearest cover? Should I really run through that open field? For starters, stick to tree lines, cover is your best friend. If they cant SEE you, they cant KILL you! Keep look out for optimal sniper and or ambush spots.

3- Avoid early in the game or if running solo these locations:

  • Military camps
  • Larger coastal cities (Cherno/Elekto)
  • Airfields

Many of these are PvP areas and should be avoided. If you absolutely have to go to these locations for anything, do it with a group. Get in and get out. Walking in these locations alone is and should be considered a death trap.

4- Most survivors early in the game don’t have Night vision or equipment to help them see at night. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS! This will help you gain some distance, but still be cautious of zombies and well equipped bandits. They are still out there.

5- You will eventually come across a field or open clearing that you have to cross. Keep in mind you will be tempted to just mash your W key and sprint to minimize your wellbeing in the open. But the fast movement and larger profile will be easier to pick out, especially in peripheral vision! The best thing to do is low crouch run, this will let you cover decent ground while maintaining a lower and less “target” profile.

6- Plan, yes you actually have to stop and think about certain things. Lets pretend for a second that you and a buddy want to go into (insert town/city/here) for some beans. Great, so in theory you would just run in, grab those delicious beans and get out. Always have an engagment plan and an escape route for wherever you go. Always. Plan what you will do if you get shot at. Plan where you will escape to when the firefight is over. What to do if you pull a horde of zombies? All these must be taken into consideration and will make getting those beans a much smoother pleasant adventure.

7- What do you do if you get into combat?

If you are in combat you need to factor in a few important things:

Are you near cover?

  • -If yes then hit the deck and roll behind the nearest cover.
  • -If no then immediately sprint to the nearest cover whilst zigzagging. Do it just like those annoying zombies do.

Keep your composure, figure out where the shots came from. Make sure to keep cover between you and your oppressors at all time.

  • -Switch to 3rd person view to help you locate your attacker.

To Fight or Run?
This is completely situational depending on where you are at and what is happening. I would not recommend sitting still for too long, you don’t want to risk the enemy moving into a flank or get the upper hand on you.

  • If fighting is the option, be sure to be smart about it. Give your self a few seconds to breath and stop shaking. If you got hit, give yourself painkillers. Always shoot from covered positions. Be sure to advance and or flank your enemy. When you are stuck use grenades, or flares to distract/reduce visibility. Don’t count on these for they are a situational resort.
  • If you’re in a building it goes without saying, stay away form the windows/doors. Pick a choke point and let the enemy come to you.
  • Patience is a virtue, if you wait it out, your attacker(s) might leave for a few reasons, medical treatment, low ammo, or just don’t want to continue fighting. It’s best for you to make sure you have a clear exit and to get the hell out! Don’t chase them down, especially when you don’t know where your at.

This guys on the losing side of the gun.


Did you get hit?
Asses how bad it is, can you move? Is the bleeding severe? Learn how to treat certain medical conditions and if its possible to cure them. Remember Painkillers for shaking, bandages for bleeding, Transfusion or eating cooked meat for severe blood loss, morphine for broken bones.


If you’re with a group everyone needs to split up the visible area and watch their “sectors.” Immediately hit the chat up with everything you know. This means Where, Who,and What whether you’re in a group or not.

Special note: If one of your buddies goes down, you should always be prepared to make a quick decision about rendering medical assistance or bailing. Sounds harsh but you can come back to potentially get his gear for him (after the area is cleared).

I hope that this DayZ mod PvP guide has gave you some insight on what to do, and how to avoid certain situations! Until next time… Stay Alive! (and watch out for bandits)