DayZ Helicopter Crash Site Map

DayZ Helicopter Crash Site Map

Using the DayZ Helicopter Crash Site Map, it can help you find helicopter crash sites in Dayz can be very rewarding and very difficult to spot.  They are found mostly in open fields or hillsides. Keep in mind the locations of these helicopter crash sites are random and vary from server to server. Finding a crash site is very rewarding because of the awesome loot and weapons you can find in Dayz!

DayZ Helicopter Crash Site Map

PRO TIP: Helicopter crash sites in Dayz are one of the most dangerous point in game due to bandits and looters, be careful and be sure to scout the area before closing in.


Some of the rare weapons that spawn at crash sites (that can’t be found anywhere else) are the FN FAL ANPV S4. and L85A2 AWS.

These weapons are from British forces and are very high in quality. The zombies that roam around the crash sites also carry minor military type loot.

Look for at least six loot spots around the crash site. Browse around with your crosshair around the ground to find them, sometimes the tall grass and slopes can cause items to become hidden underground but are still able to loot!

Some of the guys on the official Dayz forums have put together a quick map of where they have found helicopter crash sites. Remember that there might not be one at the locations because of the different server spawns and randomness of the crash sites. If you don’t find one keep looking its far worth it!

Dayz Helicopter Crash Site Map:

DayZ Helicopter Crash Site Map

(click to enlarge, or grab a microscope your choice.)

Here is a list of the gear you can loot at the crash sites:

  • FN FAL (Standard)
  • FN FAL AN/PVS-4 (Night Vision Optics)
  • M14 AIM
  • Bizon PP-19 SD
  • DMR
  • Mk 48 Mod 0 Light Machine Gun
  • M249 SAW Light Machine Gun
  • M107 (.50 Caliber Sniper Rifle)
  • AS50 (.50 Caliber British Sniper Rifle)
  • L85A2 AWS (Thermal and Night Vision Optics)
  • Medical Box
  • M249 Belt
  • M240 Belt
  • Night Vision Goggles
  • Ghillie Suit
  • Camouflage Clothing


Hope this helps you find a helicopter crash site in Dayz! Happy looting, and as always STAY ALIVE!