Beginners Guide: How To Use Voice & Text Communication!

Beginners Guide: How To Use Voice & Text Communication!

In DayZ the mod for ArmA II, To communicate you can either use the built-in voice and text chat to communicate with other survivors. The default key for Voice “push to talk” is caps lock. And for Text it is: /  (the slash right next to shift).

Communicating with other players is an important survival tool in DayZ



DayZ has several different communication channels. You can change them by pressing the . key, or by opening the text chat and pressing up/down arrows.  Keep in mind your text and voice chat will only be broadcasted to the current active channel, and whether others can receive it depends on which channel you have selected.

Global channel – Everyone on server will hear you (Removed in DayZ version 1.7.1)
Side channel – Everyone in your side will hear you (Removed in DayZ version 1.7.1)
Command channel – Only group commanders can hear you (Removed in DayZ version 1.7.1)
Group channel – In lobby everyone can hear you, in-game people in your group can hear you (= no one in DayZ)
Vehicle channel – Only people who are in same vehicle with you will hear you
Direct communication -This is for when others are near you. Your characters mouth moves when talking. Voice does produce noise, but fades over distance and cuts out at 80 meters. Texting range is 20 meters.

Important: When using voice chat in any channel it will broadcast it from your character (as if you were using direct communication). If you like to team up or have a dedicated group/team I would suggest using Skype or Ventrillo for your talking needs! Will keep you more stealth in game :D

Be careful when using push to talk to avoid attracting bandits and zombies!


Removal of global channels

Rocket’s plan has always been to remove the global channels, leaving only the direct communication channel so you can talk to nearby players. Due to direct communication channel being bugged before, the global channels were left on. Direct communication channel was fixed in ArmA 2 beta build 93040. Ability to remove the channels has been added in beta build 93398.

Since DayZ version 1.7.1, ArmA 2 beta patch is mandatory, so the global channels are disabled for everyone. It is confirmed by rocket, that additional communication methods will be introduced in 1.8 forward. Radios or Cell phones anyone?

Voice quality

The quality of in-game voice chat depends on server, as server owner can change the vonCodecQuality setting in the config. The default quality is quite low 3, and maximum is 10.
So now you know the basics of communication in DayZ! Please be safe, and remember to trust no one! Stay alive!