Beginners Guide: How To Find Guns!

Beginners Guide: How To Find Guns!

So you just started the game, alone and on the beach. To survive out there in DayZ your going to need something with a bit more power than that flashlight in your bags.

To get you started try any of these steps:

  • Get off the beach and away from any major towns/cities. Don’t waste your time there, there will be to many zombies and other dangers you wont be able to deal with. Instead make your way towards the woods inland.
  • Find a barn. These are usually found outside towns, look for farmland and you should find a barn soon enough. These are great places to find shotguns/rifles, hatchets and food. They will give you the starting essentials for survival, and there are rarely more than three zombies around them.
  • Deer stands are also great for finding guns/food/drink in. They are also in the woods, and are usually on the edge of the tree line before a clearing (to see and shoot deer better ;) )
  • Make shooting your #2 priority. It’s better to wait it out or crawl to avoid detection rather than to blast away and giving away your location. Gunfire can be heard up to 250 meters!
  • Know your weapon. There is no point to waste valuable ammo with noisy guns on zombies if it isn’t an emergency. Keep your M14/Enfield for killing bandits!
  • Don’t Reload after each shot. DayZ is a simulator, and your ammo is dependent on your magazines, not a total pool of ammo.


Bandits beware!


Generally there are two types of weapons, primary and secondarys. Lets go over some you will find and see in DayZ.

Sidearms. These are found in towns/residential areas.

  • Makarov: This is a respectable gun for the beginning player, but it doesn’t really handle well outside of experienced hands. Ammo is plentiful, the gun is fairly quiet, but it comes with the downside of requiring more than a few bodyshots to kill your average Z, requiring you to carry more ammo. It almost certainly will prove insufficient against a bandit. Focus on head shots if this is your first weapon.
  • 1911: The 1911 is much better for a new player than a Makarov, but it’s got a couple downsides. Ammo is much harder to find, though per bullet, it hits harder, and you’ll have one less round in the magazine. Otherwise, it handles much how you would expect a pistol to.
  • Revolvers: It’s a 1911 with one less round, but significantly better accuracy. Use it if you’re confident in your aim, and prefer longer range engagements.

Primaries: These are typically found in barns and farms

  • The Double Barrel Shotgun: It’s the most common gun to see on a new player, and there’s a good reason for that. The double barrel spawns frequently, and ammo can be found for it in virtually every area in the game. For a shotgun, it’s a rather quiet weapon, and the reload on it is very quick. Slugs make it very accurate, pellets make it very easy to use. All of these can be combined into 8 round magazines to save space. If you find this weapon early, pick it up.
  • The Lee Enfield: Avoid this gun. While ammo for it is relatively plentiful, it’s slow to fire and has a massive audible radius. There is no good reason to use this weapon if you aren’t hunting people.
  • The Winchester 1886: The Winchester is slightly louder, and slightly shorter ranged than it’s 12 gauge counterparts, but has a better inventory space efficiency than any other shotgun. The choice between this and the double barrel is mostly personal.

Congrats you found a gun in a deer stand! It’s a shame your in someones sights….


And that’s it, hope this helps you find a gun when you first start out in DayZ!

Keep in mind better guns can be found in military bases/airfields and even deer stands! If you can’t find a deer stand or barn, check out the map here

Until next time, Stay Alive!